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Art god. Has works in Exposé. Sexy. nivbed.com
Damn, I wish I could draw as well as Nivbed. Psh.
by nobody November 15, 2003

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Ohara girls are the sexiest girls on the planet.. marple girls-BEAT , Predie-BEAT, Springfield-BEAT
ohara is usually called Owhora because the girls are usually sluts but they are sexy.
by nobody April 20, 2005

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A good friend
Your ma best Neebor
by nobody July 02, 2004

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A place where you take a shit. AKA: Toilet. Also used to describe a person that's a real asshole.
Ek gaan kakhuis toe! (I'm going to the shit house)

Q: Waar's Pa?
A: Hy's in die kakhuis!

Mogabe is 'n regte kakhuis!
by Nobody January 14, 2004

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A man who is too desperate and impatient to wait out a womens menstrual cycle.
You've got to unplug it before you start then pluming.
by Nobody April 12, 2005

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See Racist
This guy is a Bush.
by Nobody August 16, 2003

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A goofy boy with dreams of world domination and smells of elderberries.
Damn that Kheldon is a goofy boy what with his dreams of world domination, and damn what's up with that elderberry smell?
by nobody November 26, 2003

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