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Cuban-Spanish slang word for cocaine hydrochloride (also called blow).
by nobody November 4, 2003
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People that are so desperate for a girlfriend that they will go out with a girl from Canada that they met over X-Box Live.
Dave Farrell had a girlfriend in Canada who he met over X-Box Live.
by nobody March 4, 2005
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See wordRacist/word
by nobody August 17, 2003
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a classification used to describe someone who had to much money when they were lttle.
see spoiled.hey this one i actually know.
by nobody May 25, 2003
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Ohara girls are the sexiest girls on the planet.. marple girls-BEAT , Predie-BEAT, Springfield-BEAT
ohara is usually called Owhora because the girls are usually sluts but they are sexy.
by nobody April 20, 2005
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1) refers to a big penis..
2) Vinh's big package..
1: Have you had a piece of my Big Vinnie?
2: "Wow, that's a big Big Vinnie!"
by nobody February 15, 2005
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