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pr. n
1. (technical) A large area of land between the Atlantic and the Pacific, which includes the countries of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and others.

2. (colloq.) The USA. Shortened, so that nobody could forget it, but shortened in the place that makes people have random arguments about whether America is just the USA, the whole North, or both continents.

3. (deprec.) The place where you went in the 1900s if you fancied one of a few things; a new life, everybody else's money, or a way to get away from people who you pissed off in your past in the country where you started.
syn. 'The American Dream' - getting so rich that you can afford (and, indeed, savour) to not give a fuck for anybody else.

4. (econ.) A place that got rich when others got nowhere by selling to both sides in world conflicts - right up until WW2, where their late arrival into the war did mean a certain victory for the Allies much sooner than it otherwise would have come.

5. (obs.) One of only two nations in the entire world and its history that managed to do nothing in direct opposition to each other for nearly 50 years, and then have this period of nothingness labelled a 'war' of any description.

6. (inf.) Probably the only country that could win in a 'me versus everyone' with the whole world, and despite the sometimes gung-ho antics of the nation, this does not look like it will ever be tested.

7. A country that might, although not alone, manage to repeat history with the fate of the UN. Then again, the UN has been a talking house for the poorer countries for a while now, so nobody would really notice anyway.

8. A nation containing people that, although patriotic (and sometimes blindly), do not quite rival the apparant self-contentedness of the British, even after most are well aware their empire was handed back to the people that lived in its colonies, who then promptly fell back into the hole they were in when they were taken in the first place. (syn. 'irony')

9. The nation that will either cause WW3, or end it - but not both.

10. A place containing large cities that can only be rivalled in their uncleanliness by Tokyo and Jakarta. (syn. 'not a good sign')

11. (tech.) The country containing the most Internet users in the world. Also the country containing the most AOL users in the world. (syn. 'most annoying things ever')

12. (econ.) A country with the most money you'll never ever see in your lifetime.

13. The only country in the entire history of the world to manage to fund, train, and supply things to someone, even indirectly, in their efforts to do harm to America itself. (syn. 'woops')
'Despite being too large, America probably has the best TV shows in the world. Because a lot of it is other nations' shows, reran a few times.'
by nobody April 17, 2003
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Slang for Klonipins. (sp?)
by nobody December 22, 2004
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the least common of all senses
example example example example
by nobody September 10, 2004
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A movie that an ultra-liberal millionaire director made to attack Bush for all his supposed "lies." He gives only one side of the story, which is the reason this movie is full of lies. The thing is that he contradicted himself just making this movie. Events in this movie such as the part with Bush playing golf makes absolutely no sense at all, because that was taped about a year earlier when he first became president. If Michael Moore knew what he was talking about, then this movie would not have as many lies, obviously. He is just making Liberals look bad, which he himself as a Liberal shouldn't do. To conclude, this movie was just propaganda.
(On the O'Reilly Factor)
To O'Reilly: Would you sacrifice your child to go to Iraq?
This makes no sense, because it's your child's decision if they want to join the military.
by nobody March 4, 2005
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A mentally deficient excuse made by Hasbro to implement the superior Beast Machines plotpoint of having hundreds of mindless drones into the junky, worthless TF: Armada story. Decepticlones look horrible compared to the Vehicons... and Lord Megatron (BM) manufactured billions to occupy and police Cybertron... probably millions more than what this poor excuse for a TF villain is using in a video game. The only advantage decepticlones might have is better AI, which is only due to the fact that they made their debut in a video game.
by nobody April 10, 2004
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People that are so desperate for a girlfriend that they will go out with a girl from Canada that they met over X-Box Live.
Dave Farrell had a girlfriend in Canada who he met over X-Box Live.
by nobody March 4, 2005
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Word overused by UrbanCinderella, who is teh queen of dorks, and the biggest one alive.
1. UC, you dork.
2. UC is a dork!!
3. UC is the dork queen. Bow down.
by nobody December 26, 2005
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