54 definition by nobody

A male who was homosexual in the past but is now heterosexual.
See also hasbian.
That guy is such a yestergay!
by nobody November 04, 2003

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Sex God: really hot; or good in bed
Mike is my perosnal sex god!
by nobody December 04, 2003

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Some cheap ripoff of eminem who loves to drink the flem of eminem
That loser fleminem drunk some of eminems flem!
by Nobody October 18, 2003

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A game show where if you get a wrong answer, you might literally get dropped out of the game, after you spin the wheel.
by Nobody July 21, 2003

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A movie that an ultra-liberal millionaire director made to attack Bush for all his supposed "lies." He gives only one side of the story, which is the reason this movie is full of lies. The thing is that he contradicted himself just making this movie. Events in this movie such as the part with Bush playing golf makes absolutely no sense at all, because that was taped about a year earlier when he first became president. If Michael Moore knew what he was talking about, then this movie would not have as many lies, obviously. He is just making Liberals look bad, which he himself as a Liberal shouldn't do. To conclude, this movie was just propaganda.
(On the O'Reilly Factor)
To O'Reilly: Would you sacrifice your child to go to Iraq?
This makes no sense, because it's your child's decision if they want to join the military.
by nobody March 03, 2005

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