an advanced writing class, usually taken as a junior in highschool, that increases the procrastination rate and number of suicides each year. normally, expos would help prepare you for college writing, but in this case, the average junior will learn an average of .03 bytes of information and will learn well grammer and speling during the semester
Cory: Hey, what was your topic in expos?
Jake: What?
Cory: It's due in like a week!
Jake: Oh, the term paper? What's that?
Cory: It's the final paper that determines your final grade in the class.
Jake: *hangs himself*
by Humpcatter16 January 17, 2010
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A place where enthusiasts and yuppies people go to sign up for junk mail advertising the latest of whatever. That and swipe samples or stuff. Sometimes to hook up with a presenter for some "out of town fun". Also see <a href=""
target="_blank">Convention</a> whenever someone decides to define it.
<i>Monday Morning in the breakroom:</i>
<b>Scott:</b> How you holding up from the Expo?
<b>Bill:</b>Man my feet are STILL killing me!
<b>Scott:</b> Tell me about it. Oh yeah, and i checked my email today. I got 379 spam, and it isn't even 10 yet.
<b>BOSS:</b> I don't pay you people to stand around drinking coffee! Get back to WORK!
by hurr-e-cane me August 14, 2008
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refers to the FORD EXPEDITION which is the largest Full Size -class SUV along with its fraternal twin the Lincoln Navigator.
The Ford Expedition is a $38,000 luxury SUV that is remarkably spacious and comes with great admenities.
The 98- 02'' models are the same design essentially but the 03' model is made lower to the ground, has larger tires and is slightly bigger.
My expo has a 320 HP engine.
by J Norman May 13, 2004
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An insult used to describe someone who gobbles down shlongs at any opportune moment, oftentimes completely randomly and in awkward places (such as, on the school bus, during you parents dinner party, while you're performing at the talent show). However, the BJ will always be extremely sloppy, to the point where it isn't even enjoyable. Your orgasm will be VERY unfullfilling.
'Ayo, I was performing in my mixed pairs figure skating competition, and then in the middle, my partner pulled down my tights and gave me a sloppy blowjob. I squirted on her face..but, I was really unfullfilled after.'

'Word, that bitch was an Expo'
by Macabre December 23, 2004
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when i went to the car show, i saw some expos
by t January 23, 2003
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Gayest most bullshit class at rutgers. You connect topics that don't relate to anything. More than 10% do not pass the class. Fuck penis pussy fart. the teachers play mind games with you because college writing is so fuckin cool!! its like balls pussy fart
Gupta: Hey i love life
John: I dont because rutgers expos is gay
Gupta: yea fuck rutgers writing program
John: yea i have a tutor cause im dumb
by Soul Schwartz October 21, 2010
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