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1: An axe that cleaves. (DOTA reference)
2: A level 60 Tauren Warrior on Kil'Jaeden server.
3: Xing Jin!
4: Alternative name for male phallus
1: Perseverance + Mithril Hammer + Claymore = Battlefury.
2: Nobody owns Battlefury in a duel.
3: "My name is not Xing, it's Battlefury!"
4: Xing says his battlefury is very large and powerful.
by nobody February 17, 2005

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a hugely large number. incomprehensible to humans other than Mr. Becker
"Liz and Daniel have kissed like a gashmillion times"
by Nobody November 28, 2004

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A rather dumb slang term for OCs, or OxyContins.
My friend Sammy O'Caesar dropped in today. You wanna talk to him? Meaning do you wanna buy some OCs...
by Nobody December 21, 2004

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A mentally deficient excuse made by Hasbro to implement the superior Beast Machines plotpoint of having hundreds of mindless drones into the junky, worthless TF: Armada story. Decepticlones look horrible compared to the Vehicons... and Lord Megatron (BM) manufactured billions to occupy and police Cybertron... probably millions more than what this poor excuse for a TF villain is using in a video game. The only advantage decepticlones might have is better AI, which is only due to the fact that they made their debut in a video game.
Vehicons rule. Decepticlones suck.
by Nobody April 10, 2004

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A Brick is a pound of weed, or a kilo of cocaine, depending on who you ask.
My homeboy John flipped a brick and made 1500 bucks.
by Nobody December 21, 2004

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also JB
A good spammer on Enemy-Territory.com. If one of his topics are ever locked, the world will end.
Did you see JamesBOMB's last post? It was really funny.
by nobody April 02, 2004

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an anti-helicopter (usually) heat seeking missile or missile launcher
I blasted that fucking helo out of the sky with my stinger.
by nobody April 02, 2004

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