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A Whore, Hoe or Hooker. 2 bits is refering to 2 coins(or quarters), which is saying to the women she is cheap and you can have it for pocket change.
She's a 2 bit.
by NOBODY September 06, 2003

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born-again christians are people who have found god later in life. This results in a strict holyer-than-thou adherence to a culty faction of the relgion rather than worrying about being a good person. One does not have to be a good person to be a great born-again christian, in fact it is a trademark of the group. born-agains, for people who cant distinguish (between them and the good followers of christ) give other christians a bad name.

* born-again is also used to describe someone with the annoyingly hypocritical born-again behaviors.
the name born-again implies they already fucked up the relgion once...shoudl they really get anouther chance to make it even worse?

* born-again: Gay people are bad...pray that god will change them.
person: what?
born-again: oh and jews are going to hell...help them accept jesus.
person: huh? stop preaching
born-again: hurry its prayr group time...i have some great new gossip
person: dude what the hell- your going major born-again on me!
by nobody December 13, 2003

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A small cloth circle worn on the head by orthodox jews (only men, usually) as sort of a way to show respect and reverence to their God and let everyone else around them know that they are orthodox jews
Put on your yarmulke before you go into temple
by Nobody June 30, 2004

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1. A town in Western Illinois
2. Once home to Maytag, Butler, and still the home of BNSF Railroad.
3. Struggling economy but an overall town many people like to call home.
4. Most people spend their high school life trying to get out of Galesburg only to find themselves one day returning to Galesburg Illinois. Go Silver Streaks!
Did you know that Carl Sandburg was born in Galesburg Illinois.
by nobody December 07, 2004

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Rocket Propelled Grenade (usually referring to the launcher)(anti-tank weapon)
I shot that tank with my RPG-7
by nobody April 02, 2004

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Also known as Shag Carpet
Joo figure it out.
by nobody June 20, 2003

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Just a guy's name, that's all.
This guy's name is Karl.
by Nobody August 16, 2003

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