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pr. n
1. (technical) A large area of land between the Atlantic and the Pacific, which includes the countries of the USA, Canada, Mexico, Brazil, Peru, Chile, Argentina, Bolivia, and others.

2. (colloq.) The USA. Shortened, so that nobody could forget it, but shortened in the place that makes people have random arguments about whether America is just the USA, the whole North, or both continents.

3. (deprec.) The place where you went in the 1900s if you fancied one of a few things; a new life, everybody else's money, or a way to get away from people who you pissed off in your past in the country where you started.
syn. 'The American Dream' - getting so rich that you can afford (and, indeed, savour) to not give a fuck for anybody else.

4. (econ.) A place that got rich when others got nowhere by selling to both sides in world conflicts - right up until WW2, where their late arrival into the war did mean a certain victory for the Allies much sooner than it otherwise would have come.

5. (obs.) One of only two nations in the entire world and its history that managed to do nothing in direct opposition to each other for nearly 50 years, and then have this period of nothingness labelled a 'war' of any description.

6. (inf.) Probably the only country that could win in a 'me versus everyone' with the whole world, and despite the sometimes gung-ho antics of the nation, this does not look like it will ever be tested.

7. A country that might, although not alone, manage to repeat history with the fate of the UN. Then again, the UN has been a talking house for the poorer countries for a while now, so nobody would really notice anyway.

8. A nation containing people that, although patriotic (and sometimes blindly), do not quite rival the apparant self-contentedness of the British, even after most are well aware their empire was handed back to the people that lived in its colonies, who then promptly fell back into the hole they were in when they were taken in the first place. (syn. 'irony')

9. The nation that will either cause WW3, or end it - but not both.

10. A place containing large cities that can only be rivalled in their uncleanliness by Tokyo and Jakarta. (syn. 'not a good sign')

11. (tech.) The country containing the most Internet users in the world. Also the country containing the most AOL users in the world. (syn. 'most annoying things ever')

12. (econ.) A country with the most money you'll never ever see in your lifetime.

13. The only country in the entire history of the world to manage to fund, train, and supply things to someone, even indirectly, in their efforts to do harm to America itself. (syn. 'woops')
'Despite being too large, America probably has the best TV shows in the world. Because a lot of it is other nations' shows, reran a few times.'
by Nobody April 17, 2003

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Country, near Italy, borders Greece Macedonia, Montenegro, and Serbia. Mostly mountanious, has a coast on the Adriatic sea. Albanians are decendents from the Illirians. Was an Ottoman province until 1913. Had a brief kingship from 1913 to the beging of WWII. After WWII a communist dictatorship was enacted under the rule of Enver Hoxha. He died in the 1980s soon thereafter, in 1990 communism was overthrown, and a new corrupt democratic government took hold. Albania is the only country in Europe to date to have a positive growth rate and a muslim majority.
Albanian - a person from Albania. Shqiperia is the local name for Albania.
Gjergj Kastrioti is Albania's national hero.
by Nobody March 07, 2005

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Cuban-Spanish slang word for cocaine hydrochloride (also called blow).
Rush rush, get the llello.
by nobody November 04, 2003

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Slang for Crystal Meth
Dude, You wanna go smoke some Jib?
by Nobody March 30, 2003

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a popular alcoholic drink that gets those who drink it WASTED!
by nobody September 25, 2003

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he is a guy that is very devoted to music.i think this is why he win over asia...its his attiude towards music!
by nobody September 07, 2003

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Combined multi functional words that cover all and above of the typical slut (Male or Female).
That Mother Fucking Cock Sucking Handjobing Bitch slept with my lover!
by Nobody April 13, 2005

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