62 definition by nic

this "guy" likes to believe he isn't a "she", can flame pretty good, but has issues ever since Metal Sludge took his playground away.
KuntsNBoots is a chick!
by NIC September 25, 2003

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the hottest man in the world with the sexiest voice.
no one else compares to him
by Nic March 08, 2004

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What your eyes look like after a good night on the drink
"Were you drunk last night?"
"Yeah, why?"
"Your eyes look like pissholes in the snow!!!"
by Nic February 10, 2004

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Driving really fast on a street with a very modest speed-limit. Usually in a crappy car.
Man, i saw steve schmobbing his pinto the other day.
by Nic August 25, 2003

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Piss weak lager.
I was driving later, so I stuck to the Pudding Lager.
by Nic September 25, 2003

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A buddy-buddy Br.commer who feigns a deep knowledge on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles to act as though he has something to be the authority on.
Jaood is such a br.comer - groundlobp
by Nic March 19, 2003

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A variation of the phrase "oh man!". Originated from a mispronounciation of the aforementioned term in very specific societies.
"Oh men! Why can't he just say Oh Man?"
by Nic August 07, 2005

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