1. Shorthand for "no homo" a term popularized by rappers such as Cam'ron.

2. Shorthand for "nice hand" a term commonly used at online poker sites such as Party Poker.
1. That dude can suck my dick (NH).

2. Damn, trip Aces? NH!
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"nice hand" to be typed after a game of online poker.
by Slingshot86 July 19, 2005
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In poker websites, this acronym is short for 1. nice hand (rare) or more commonly 2. you motherfucking moron i can't believe you just called my flopped flush with middle pair on both the flop AND the turn for all your fucking chips just to catch a nonnut runner runner full house on the river i hope you die
Dumbfuck453 wins main pot ($560) with a full house, eights full of deuces.
Unfortunatefuck shows a flush, ace high.

Unfortunatefuck: nh
by Alan. May 2, 2006
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"you lemme touch your tip for a sec"
"nh son"
by aoh January 24, 2009
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A shortcut for "no hate"
James: "nh but your eyebrow looks weird"
by Roti caroti May 17, 2021
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Online poker lingo for "nice hand" usually said after someone gets their @$$ handed to them after a very bad beat instead of cursing them out
Ac Kc beaten by 2d 3h
with a Ah Kd 3d flop and 2h 3s runners

joepro76: XXXX nh
onlnplayer32: ty
by Max P0wer June 19, 2005
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Short for No Honor. Often used as an insult to people in RuneScape who are being unfair.
Quikdrawjoe just cheated by using armor in a no-armor fight! He's so nh!
by Kazeodori March 20, 2009
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