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A system of measurement used worldwide that would be completely unknown to American's if we didn't buy drugs.
Drugs have taught a whole generation of kids the metric system.
by The Devil's Mistress July 06, 2005
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a base-10 measuremnt system that the whole world uses except USA, who should adopt it
The USA's standard system has 12 inches(in) to the foot(ft), and 3ft to the yard(yd) whereas the metric system is 10 milimeters(mm) to the centimeter(cm), 100cm to the meter(m), and 1000m to the kilometer(km).
by thegestalt June 14, 2004
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I asked for directions in France and some frog sonuvabith told me to go 3 kill-o-meeters, I can't believe those commie bastards actually use The Metric System over there.
by Lt_Allah June 18, 2017
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