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the yummiest, tastiest thing in the whole wide world. chocolate also makes u happy and makes u feel better.
whenever u feel down just have some chocolate it makes u feel better !!!!!
by Nic March 08, 2004

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The baddest motha's around, hip hip hippity hopping. Shoot lyrics and bust rhymes, these kids are radicool
Gods bathroom Floor
Woman with Tatooed Hands
by nic May 19, 2004

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Stickin' yo penis between some tig ol' bitties
Man, I tittyfucked yo momma last night.
by Nic December 02, 2003

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A rubber instrument inserted into ones ructum
I can't sit down because i have a buttplug up my arse
by Nic February 10, 2004

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Given as advice to someone you you'd like to sit down and shut up, whilst also pointing out that they are wrong.
Dave, we've missed our exit thanks to your shit map reading, adding 20 miles to our journey, so wind your fucking neck in.
by Nic March 22, 2005

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the most amazing talented man ever. who wrote the greatest songs ever. his band nirvana changed music forever and he will live on through his music forever n ever!!! he is my hero!!!
I love you kurt
by Nic April 15, 2004

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An awful outdated system still used in many countries such as the US and partly in the UK.

Revolves around measuring weight, length, distance and currency in units that actually do not make sense, unlike the metric system which has been taken on board by most countries and is used in all science.
imperial system : 12 inches is a foot. 3 foot is a yard. 1760 yards is a mile.

metric system : 10 milimetres is a centimetre. 100 centimetres is a metre. 1000 metres is a kilometre.

Which system makes sense?
by Nic August 30, 2005

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