1. unwilling penis-treatment recipient

2. someone who gets pwnt in a game so bad it feels like rape
dude, check that rape victim slapping himself for team dragging!
by happychap September 20, 2008
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Manchester United, as a club, team, and fanbase.
The rape victims were molested 6 times by their noisy neighbours yesterday.
by TheSpott October 24, 2011
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Someone slightly over the age of consent who goes to jail for having sex with someone slightly under the age of consent.
He went to prison for having sex with a 17-year-old when he was 19, so he's a statutory rape victim, not a real criminal.
by Rasnodar January 18, 2011
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Noun Singular
Noun Plural - Bum Rape Victims

Definition: Someone who at any point in their life has been subject to any form of nonconsensual rectal intrusion. Victim of Bum Rape.
Contextual Example: "Steve you Bum Rape Victim, you've eaten all my fucking cereal"
by G4ndhi December 3, 2015
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A person called DankMonkeyKush who can keep a promise and likes to get anally raped
by omgUrgay67 April 1, 2017
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This is what you do after an alcohol induced hook-up with someone unattractive.
Danny: Dude...I got with Pam last night
Eric: PAM? You mean 250 pound saggy double D Pam?
Danny: ...Yeah man...I was too drunk dude
Eric: I bet she loved it man
Danny: Dude, I was showering like a rape victim this morning.
Eric: LOL
by pwntasticoBG September 9, 2008
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A small defenseless boy unable to escape the evil grasp of his family's horny traditions this young boy gets raped everyday
Oi archie did your dad give you a seeing to last night you fucking small rape victim ag what a nonce
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