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n. Usually in a Movie Theatre, the empty seat between two males; Used to proclaim heterosexuality in a situation that might give others a reason to think otherwise.
Hey dude, can you slide over so we can make room for some gay seats.
by Nate Dawg January 24, 2004

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one's personal affairs
Ya'll be mackin' up in my biznass.
by Nate Dawg September 19, 2003

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a luger is a higher state of conciouness, it provides the body with endless amouts of endorphins needed to peform at ones peak.
hercules and the ten comandments.
by Nate Dawg March 11, 2003

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were brie like dick cheese turns sour causing the nob to literally rot
steve's nob
by nate dawg March 13, 2003

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LSD, acid, hits, blotter, microdots
Yo, i dropped some bomb last night at the club and was trippin till lunch
by Nate Dawg June 15, 2005

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skeet can mean basically anything you want as long as you do not use it in a lame way.
Man thats so skeet how we had to take that pop quiz.

Dude pass it over stop being so skeet.
by nate dawg April 01, 2005

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cocaine, crack rock form of cocaine
we need some kizzy for tha nizzy
by nate dawg September 10, 2004

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