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Anything that can be described as good, great or nice. Usually the reaction to hearing something said.
You bet on the Steelers to crush the Giants and they did so you won money?
by Fattyslick October 22, 2008
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a derivation of nice, equals a massive amount of nice-ness
1: i just won one million kroner on a flax-lodd
by an experiment February 06, 2009
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A person who usually jaywalks red lights just to avoid on getting late. It can also mean either kindhearted or someone who has cute reactions when they barely get a phrase or a joke.
Drivers panicked when they saw Nizzy crossing the street.

143 Nizzy, slow reactions are funny.
by Baaybeeh April 19, 2009
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the act of lying and also compulsively lying to cover up previous lies. used in friendly or joking manners. not an insult, Its for fun and used for comedy in a NON-harassing manner.
John: Hey person do u have a job?
Bob: Yah dude i work at autozone.
John:But i called autozone asking for a job but they said you need to be 18 and your only 16.

Bob: uhhh well my uncle kenny knows the owner and hooked me up.
John: Please stop Nizzying i know thats just made up.
Bob: just shut the hell up.
John: Rofl Copter
by Your Mom DUDE May 19, 2010
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in ancient hip hop times, Nizzy was known as a rapping god
"I can freestyle as good as Nizzy"
by NIZZY July 26, 2003
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