a tuff name for a very fun girl.
a girl with the name brie, is usually short for something,
such as brianna, brienne, etc.
a girl with the name brie is friendly, but can be mean at times.
she is a fun person to be with and the light of the party.
brie is very smart and whatever she puts her mind to she accomplishes.
she is very talented and falls in love easily.
she can be a tom boy and a girly girl.
brie is so awesome
by Dallas Winston August 22, 2009
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brie is a sexy cheese if you eat it you will be happy the rest of your life
i love brie
by 42Obrie May 16, 2019
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gabrielle, gabby, or brie is someone who you need in your life. now everyone always says that but from the bottom of my heart, i really, truly mean it. i can’t even put her in words. she’s so amazing. she’s the friend who can relate and help you with advice but she’s also the friend who you can rant to or she rants to you. you can’t live without her. if she was gone there would be a hole in your heart and you’d probably die from heartbreak (which is an actual thing). she will make you laugh anytime at anything. when she is sad it’s terrible and it just makes you sad. she’s the friend who you can trust and count on and you can act anyway you want and she will never judge you. you can even make dirty jokes around her. again words really can’t describe her. she says she’s dumb but she’s very smart. she’ll never exclude you. oh and she actually texts you and not only that but she texts first. she always puts a smile on your face even when a notification having to do with her pops up. you will never have a friend that’s like her or better than her. it’d be impossible to forget her. sure she falls for ugly guys lol, but she is beautiful. she’s the friend who helps you through the hard times but relates and doesn’t let you down. and when dumb people act up she kicks them in the shins and that’s what they deserve ;). i love her and i know everybody should but anyone who doesn’t, please realize how amazing she is. don’t EVER hurt her. she’s amazing. i can’t even tell you how amazing.
when you meet someone like brie, you’ll understand
by brooklyn chilllll:))))) July 21, 2019
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Knobcheese, smegma, remains of 'joyfluid' or sperm on a man's penis. Usually caused by bad hygene or uncontrolled loss of pre-cum, when not being able to clean it right away.
Because it's white and smelly like cheese, Brie is a good name for it.
Yuck! Go wash your pee-pee, there's Brie all over it!
by Dighneaubendah October 23, 2006
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A type of cheese that sucks. People who enjoy brie are usually born in places other than the United States.
<Hamm> Man brie cheese is so good! I love it!
<Steve> brie cheese sucks ass, you only like it cause your russian and you don't eat meat. Your hekka lame
by a person who hates brie July 22, 2009
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adorable , black woman with red hair and nice curves.
i am Brie, that's how i know .
by Briesie February 2, 2005
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