The body's natural opioids to make a person feel happy! Also to reduce pain. The only place these are found naturally is in the bloodstreams of people who are in love, in diet sodapop, & in chocolate!
I'm So Grateful for endorphins! & I love diet sodapop & chocolate & being in love!
by Starchylde June 7, 2016
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1. the name for a set of hormones that affect receptors in the brain, often reducing the sensation of pain or stress

2. a predecessor to the dolphin, last seen in the mid to late cretaceous, jurassic, and meso-esoteric periods.
1." whoa my endorphins are kicking in, making me happy"
2. "is that a dolphin? no, it's an endorphin."
by angelo michaels July 24, 2006
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To have a high level of endorphins in the blood.
To be in high euphoric state.
After that eww wii John was highly endorphinized.

by John Minter and Mike D'haem January 28, 2009
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Your body's natural pain reliever, released when stress or pain levels are high, or after an orgasm.
Equivalent to a narcotic pain reliever once released.
I went for a run and got the Runner's High (endorphins), it felt great.
by Rocker007 January 30, 2009
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Flying so high on endorphins...feeling no pain a complete state of BLISS!!!
PJ was highly endorphinated after her 5 mile run AND step class
by Julibug January 6, 2010
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Someone who's intensely, happily sated, such as after great food or sex, to the point that they can't do anything more than flop around.

(As used by Elsa Moriarty in's "The 6 Most Counterproductive PSAs of All Time")
"You're spent after most anything fun, from sex to exercise to an intense round of Mega Man 2. That satisfied, post-coital and -foodal period is one of the best parts of the experience -- when every desire has been sated, and you're so happy you can do nothing but flop around like an endorphin walrus."
by Grinning Cat February 3, 2012
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The end all of feminine Super Heroes, Endorphin Girl fights unhappiness, depression, aches and pains and basically anything that doesn't feel like your entire body has just burst through the event horizon of a black hole at a final climactic radar gun read of 187,000 miles per second only to discover that beyond the speed of perfect love lies an alternate universe with a full cooler of ice cold anything you desire to quench the sweet lava like oozing fire in your love parched throat as well as hot bags of tacos, buffalo wings and Fritos, with nary a complaint about crumbs or eating in bed, followed by the nap of the millennium and a wake up full body massage.
Lauren Francesca's YouTube Channel launch on Valentine's Day, 2011 has convinced me that she is the only super hero woman who can save me, Endorphin Girl.. I'm at total peace with the planet, man..
by theMidnightTacoElf February 13, 2011
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