Famous Surrealist born 1904. One of the best painters/creators to ever exsist.
by Anonymous July 10, 2003
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A confused artist but a genius. Distinctly gay (and I mean that in the most admiring way), but claimed to admire Franco, who was a fat little upstart. Painted perhaps the most famous artworks to join the Surrealist canon. Never got on with self-styled Surrealist Pope Andre Breton, who cynically pointed out that Dali's name was an anagram for "Avida Dollars". Then again, have you ever heard of a line of perfume called "Andre Breton"? No, I didn't think so. Gave his paintings long-winded titles that made their puzzling complexity all the more puzzling, and in whatever afterlife awaits Surrealist genius, his eyes are surely sparkling mischievously at the nonsense that academics are spouting about his sexuality. Well known for his antenna-moustache, his penchant for walking his pet lobster up the Rue de Rivoli, and his motifs of flyblown donkeys, ants, melting watches, crutches, conical anamorphoses of the Spectres of Voltaire, and all the rest. Without him, Ozzy Ozbourne would never have bitten a bat. Referenced in all the best rock songs from U2 to Queen. Worked with Luis Bunuel on L'Age d'Or and Un Chien Andalou (The Golden Age and An Andalucian Dog), two waaay cool movies. His antennae were the vibrissa of the world, and Cadaques was its nose. He promised to eat his wife Gala after she died, which contributed to her longevity. He said the only difference between himself and a madman was that he was not mad, and paranoiac-critically speaking, he was right.
Salvador Dali. Yaaaaaaaaaaayyyyy Salvador.
by Fearman August 25, 2007
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1.Artist of the surreal.
2. A fragrance.
1. Salvador Dali is the best surrealist ever!

2. Hey La what perfume are you wearing it smells soo good?

Me: Salvador Dali.
by LaLa January 6, 2004
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I just saw his exhibit in Philly, and it was AMAZING! He was so talented. I have always loved his work, but now I have such a greater appreciation, seeing it up close.
three words twenty letters for my example:

the endless enigma
by Tomo0O0o May 5, 2005
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Verb. The sexual act of steamrolling your partner then taking the fecal matter, blending it up and throwing it at a canvas. Once the canvas is prepped, the subjects will continue to have sex on the canvas. Fecal matter from both partners can be used to add a more textured effect.

Warning: Use goggles and safe sexual practices while performing this technique in the bedroom. Pink eye is a common side effect. In order to avoid this, the couple is recommended to wear eye protection such as goggles or safety glasses.
"I hear this piece was created using The Salvador Dali technique." - Art connoisseur

"Do you have your squash goggles?"
"Yeah they are in my closet downstairs. Why?"
"Were going to try The Salvador Dali Technique tonight, i have a bit of an art bug to pan out." - Piet Mondrean/One of many mistresses
by Chuckfrost September 8, 2011
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When Salvador Dali didn't quite feel like creating art and kept himself busy with other things.
I bet some days Salvador dilly-Dali just didn't feel up to taking his artwork seriously.
by debash120754 December 28, 2013
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