A town in maryland whos heart is on university blvd, and new hampshire ave. it is known for its pupusa trucks behind toys r us, gigante express, NWL, PANAM, anas cafe, doña azuzena, estellas hair salon, pollo campero, and casa de maryland. the town has a ratio on 50 latinos for every ONE person of another race. u can buy mangos and minuta from corner stands. the traffic is horrible in the town but once u cross piney branch its gone. u always be seein chents wit black hondas and purple tinted windows. The lil salvador/lil mexico/lil honduras/lil guatemala of the metropolitan area. prolly more inhabited by latinos then their home countries. Oh and u cant forget about the tick-tock
if there was a day witout a latino langley park would be deserted.
by oh chet putos August 4, 2006
commonly known as a "ghetto piece of shit", an urban sprawl community sandwiched between Silver Spring / Takoma Park and The University of Maryland. No one knows how to drive, no one knows how to cross the street. Probably thousands of stores but nothing to do. Turning into shopping centers from the center lane is a hot trend in the area and so are pedestrian strikes.
Someone should bulldoze Langley Park.

There must be the largest concentration of peruvian chicken joints on the east coast in Langley Park.

If an area could have AIDS, Langley Park has terminal stage AIDS.
by idon'tlikelangleypark May 16, 2011
I'm ngl it's an incredibly shit school. The education isnt completely abysmal , but the teachers attitudes are to just control the fuck out of everyone. Mrs Scott is a complete and utter bitch who thinks that the length of your skirt and whether you are wearing jewelry is more important than your education.

Overall dont ever fucking step foot in there, just go to fucking langley boys for 6th form or Harris Beckenham where you wont want to die all the time.
Going to Langley Park School For Girls was the biggest mistake of my life :)
by Fuckkkoff October 31, 2020
Shithole with shit teachers, im not allowed inside the building while eating food or with my coat on, its fucking shit. Loads of homework who enjoys that, teachers are fucking buzz kills. They force you to do French as a GCSE its a fucking torture chamber . Mr Crawford is calm though. 1/10 🙂.
Langley Park School For Boys is a fucking shithole.
by Some fat twat April 1, 2020
Langley Park is a small town between takoma park and silver spring. Also where the very known “Tick Tock” is at which has been closed for years. Vendors in every corner so don’t worry about being hungry. There is a lot of places to eat here. Also a lot of different nationalities and cultures here.
Langley Park is also known as “The Place Of No Return”. Or “El Barrio Fino”.
by Owner of Langley Park November 23, 2021