what everyone says about a certain band they like. it's stupid because it changes to a different one every month to a year for most people. there is no single "greatest band ever", it's a personal opinion that's not stationary.
joe age 15- HIM is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 16- Nirvana is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 17- Fall Out Boy is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 18- Marilyn Manson is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 19- U2 is the greatest band ever!!!
joe age 20- Blink-182 is the greatest band ever!!!
and it goes on and on and on and on and on...........
by 999666333 May 1, 2007
Title bestowed on the latest cookie-cutter nü-something band by ignorant MTV obsessed neophytes who know nothing about music, while failing to realize that earlier, and greater, bands influenced the latest crop of down-tuned power-chording hair farmers, and even greater artists influenced them, and so on.
Bands that do not qualify for the title "greatest band ever":

Anything recorded after 1980

End of list. Sorry if you're butt-hurt, but it's true.
by Dr. Badwrench April 6, 2008
Led Zeppelin: Jimmy Page on guitar...Robert PLant singin and on his harmonica...My man John Paul Jones on the bass and sometimes organ...and finally John Bonham on the drums.

Thier most famous song is probably "Stairway To Heaven"..but i personally like "Babe, Im Gonna Leave You''
Hawk: Dude you got the Physical Grafiti cd's?

Kyle: hells yes, Zeppelin tickles my fancy!
by Jmoshua May 2, 2005
can we just all quit fuckin around and admit that led zepplin is the greatest band ever? it would really save a lot of completely useless back and forth and free up some legitimate time to rescue those in haiti and elsewhere. I'm serious. get high. face the facts. and lets commit to some fundamentally useful discussion. led zepplin is just fuckin better than all the rest. email me offlinine if youre on meth and cant get your head around it. muchas gracias.
greatest band ever. not the fuckin eagles
by todd fuckin roberts January 24, 2010
Metallica. There is simply nothing more to say.
James Hetfield
Kirk Hammett
Lars Ulrich
Cliff Burton

4 people, when combined, create the greatest band ever.
by tallica November 5, 2006
Queen. You can't argue against it.
Yo, man. Queen is the greatest band ever.
by dat1noob March 28, 2019