Concord is a small town in Massachusetts that is home to historical attractions, and that's about it. Parents move here to fuck and create bratty kids that either end up a druggie, slut, or a grade obsessed mess of a human. The education system is great, but in turn creates a stressful environment that makes kids feel retarded if they get anything under a B. Being a kid who lives here, there is jack shit to do for kicks around here. So instead we smoke bud and fuck everything in sight. The exact thing our parents thought wasn't gonna happen upon moving here.
Person 1: "Hey, wanna smoke under the bridge on the tracks?"
Person 2: "Yeah! Let's drive there in my Audi A6"
Person 1: "Sounds good"
Person 2: "Who are we buying bud from?"
Person 1: "Just about any jock in Concord will sell"
Person 2: "True"
by BoxedWaterIzBad July 14, 2017
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Concord is a town in Massachusetts that Nathaniel Hawthorne succinctly labeled “Eden.” Due to its distinction as the birthplace of the American Revolution and its plethora of literary giants, Henry James described Concord as “the biggest little place in America,” its influence only rivaled by the cities of Boston, New York, and Chicago.

Beyond Concord’s immense historical influence, it remains a wealthy and intellectual community (Harvard chose to relocate here during the War of Independence.). Social grace and a genteel manner are the norm in this preppy suburb, where residents frown upon crass displays of wealth and the Brahmin values of class and understated elegance still rule.

Concord is further noted for the uniform quality of its superb schools, ranging from its nationally recognized public schools to the numerous top private schools in residence, including Middlesex, Concord Academy, Fenn, and Nashoba Brooks.

Every generation of Concordians returns to reside in and continue Concord’s rich tradition as arguable the most idyllic town in America.
"I'm from Concord, Massachusetts. There's a reason I chose to reside in Concord, Massachusetts. I'm an American. Concord, Massachusetts is where the Minutemen fought off the British, personifying the heroism and patriotism of what it means to be an American."

The Honorable Harvey Cooper, Boston Legal
by Harvey Cooper July 7, 2009
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A type of air seeder used by many farmers to seed ground with no prier digging.
Jim: Hay Tavin if you air up the concord I can grease it and fill it up.

Tavin: Okay dad but first we need to hook it up to the 1150.

Jim: I know but before that we need to knock off the chisel plow first.

Tavin: K dad.
by ✠Mrcatmanjr✠#8191 May 6, 2021
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ultra slick; high class; quality; speedy and fast
You look so concord in those sneakers

That outfit is so concord

You are such a concord kinda guy, no wonder you can pick up chicks so easily, especially with that concord hairdo.

Check him out bro, he looks so concord

Any faster and you'd be concord
by Simon Daniele July 18, 2005
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A city in Northern California with a population of 130,000. It is home to Six Flags Water World, The Sun Valley Mall, UC Hayward Ext, 4 public high schools, 2 private high schools, 2 continuation high schools, Buchanan Airfield and a large mexican population. its border sits right next to JFK University, and Diablo Valley Community College.
Were going shopping in Concord. Cool!
by anthony February 25, 2005
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A small city in the East Bay of Northern California.
Where the heck is Concord?
by earsjr May 6, 2004
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Seeing as concord is a wealthy town (don't try to deny it, the average (AVERAGE) house is 800k) There are many children who's parents are vice presidents of companies such as oracle and bank of america. Many people are very materialistic (i'm not saying that's good or bad, just a fact) And preppiness is prevalent. There is also a fairly large contigent of skaters/punks/"individualists"/druggies (i'm not saying they are the same thing) probably because of the large sect of preps. There are a lot of broken homes, which possibly lead to the drug/alcohol abuse. All in all however, most concord kids (despite how rich their families are) are just like normal average kids you can find everywhere (and yes we have our fair share of complete and total idiots.)
girl 1: where are you going for february vacation?
girl 2: i'm going skiing with my stepfather and stepsister in vail. What about you?
girl 1: oh, i'm going to prague to shop with my stepmother. She seems to think that she can buy my love. and it's kinda working

guy 1: dude, did you hear? they set the halfpipe at the skatepark on fire!
guy 2: i was there man!
guy 1: sick! you must've been wasted!
guy 2: haha, yeah dude
guy 1: wanna go hang out at cumby's down in concord center?
guy 2: sure

girl 1: hey, wanna come over tonight and get ready for the dance together?
girl 2: sure sounds like fun, then we can go back to my house and watch snl
by thatswicked April 21, 2006
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