v. - To accidentally or purposely rub your breast against someone else.
Susie breasted me when she came out of the break room.
by MKUltra February 19, 2008
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John said, "I am currently dating a breasted person named Mary."
by Sir Rantsalot December 6, 2009
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The same idea as "head to head" or "face to face" but involving the boobs of two different people. Could describe the physical act of touching breasts together or could be an idiomatic expression for an intense face-off of sorts.
Women's Wrestling Announcer: "Our two contestants are ready to go breast to breast."
by rorolele December 16, 2016
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Breasts is another way of saying boobs. Boobs refer to a woman's breasts.

They secrete milk after pregnancy, and are very sexually attractive to men. Men find women's boobs attractive for biological and evolutionary reasons, they signal to men that the woman attached to them is nutritionally healthy, youthful, and able to have a baby. So, boobs may be one of the main factors of sexual attraction between men and women that leads to reproduction and the continued survival of humans.

Playing with their boobs during sex can be arousing for women.

Because of their attractiveness, boobs are often times used by women to get men's attention, or to get them to do something. Men have been known to go to extreme lengths just for a woman's boobs.
King Solomon was obsessed with women and breasts.
by Emperor Shao Kahn December 19, 2019
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1) The softest, tastiest, most tender cut of chicken.
2) The softest, tastiest, most tender part on a woman.
3) Where milk comes from.
Those breasts are making my mouth water!
by Oprah February 21, 2003
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and the lord said "let there be breasts on women."
by dave March 23, 2003
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What lonely teenaged boys wish they could touch.
Look at that girl's breasts. I just want to reach over and...
by Colony September 21, 2003
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