93 definition by mikey

when a hot steamy load is apllied to a bitches face and she loves it
jenna has a sticky load on herr face and is loving it
by mikey February 18, 2005

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popular dance music characterized by hypnotic rhythm, repetitive lyrics, and electronically produced sounds performed soley below the surface of water.
The bowling alley was closed so we went to the underwater disco place
by mikey July 01, 2004

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The DefCon 1 of party status. Can only be achieved on a weeknight. Pure mischief and utter disregard.
"It's already 11, I gotta work in the morning."
"Let's have another round and then head over to Eau and cut some ass."
"It's on like Vince Vaughn!"
by mikey January 19, 2005

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where somone hits someone else in the area above the kneecap on the side of the left leg with their own knee. why? because its bloody funny (only if it works)!! the consequense of this will be the other person hopping on one leg shouting swear words,while u and ur m8s r laghing like hell. also some advice: always give a grandad when the other person is noot expecting and make sure u r standing up when doing it. there are adaptions of the grandad like a 'running grandad', the 'spinny' and a 'flying grandad'.
'oi m8 i think u'v got a grandad'!!!!!
by Mikey November 08, 2004

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n. Ejaculate, semen, cum\
Dude, I fuckin' gave her an extra helping of mushroom sauce on her face.
by Mikey February 16, 2004

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it is the North London kebab man pronunciation of Jacket Potato
one Japota with Tuna and cheese
by mikey February 15, 2005

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Slang for Shredder, one of the villains on Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Fo' shizzle it's Shredda!
by Mikey February 19, 2003

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