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Easily one of the most popular electric guitars ever made. Really came into its own in 1957 with the invention of the dual-coil hum-cancelling pickup. However, since over 90% of Les Pauls made have this particular genre of pickup on them, many of them sound alike, except for the different effects or amps one uses. There are exceptions to the humbucker models so commonly seen. One variation was the Les Paul Classic, which was fitted with P-90 pickups, which were the predecessor to the humbucker pickups. The other variation of the Les Paul is the Les Paul Deluxe (my personal guitar). The Deluxe was fit with a smaller version of the dual-coil pickup found on many of the Les Pauls. Pete Townshend of The Who made the Les Paul famous by adding a third pickup to the guitar, and by numbering his guitars.
I can get a very powerful, unique and unique sound out of my Les Paul Deluxe by using a tube driver, a Hendrix-style fuzz box, and a Vox wah-wah pedal, which is all plugged into my Vox AC-30 amp with a Marshall Half-stack speaker setup.
by Mikey February 22, 2006

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1. a victim of a waterballooning/egging incident.
2. a stunning young lad that is extremely metrosexual.
man, you just owned that shemtob right in the face with that waterballoon.
by mikey April 20, 2005

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a cheap cigar used to roll marijuana blunts
yo i' m fiending lets roll a fat blunt up crack that century sam boy!
by mikey May 31, 2004

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Former Boston Bruins coach--now a huge personality on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada. In layman's terms, the John Madden of hockey.
Don Cherry would look at a Canadian hockey team and say "We don't want our boys playing with no creampuffs!"
by Mikey February 20, 2006

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Any vehicle whether its import, domestic, 4 cylinder, 6 cylinder, or even 8 cylinder that has been raped by excessive use of stickers, "shopping cart" rear spoilers, fart cannons, bmw "fish gills", useless hood scoops, and/or clear/Altezza tailights. The term has nothing to do with the amount of horsepower the vehicle has, but the amount of garbage the person puts on the exterior of the car.
One time I saw this Mustang GT ricer that had a fish gills and a "Powered by Mustang" sticker on the back window, even though it should have read "Powered by Ford"
by Mikey August 19, 2003

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Synonyms: Scarface Fever, TMC, Gangsteritis.
Rare illness which causes one to believe and or act like Tony "Scarface" Montana. To put oneselves importance above and before that of all others, to have little or no sense of morals, to pick fights with six year olds, to verbally assault women,etc, all without any signs of remorse or regret.
Anothy Torchia has a terminal case of the Tony Montana Complex.
by Mikey January 16, 2005

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That stupid sign you see on the front of ambulances
I got run over but luckily there was an ecnalubma there to save my ass
by Mikey January 11, 2004

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