93 definition by mikey

The response one gives when there is no other response to give. However, it may also be used in any context to substitute anything. May also be substituted with just "badap" or "bap" or multiple "bap"s make be added.
"Me and my boyfriend broke up today."
"Badap bap!"

"My grandma died..."
"Badap bap..."

"I love you!"

"That guy just stole your wallet..!"
"BADAP BAP.. BAP BAP!!!!!!!"
by Mikey March 24, 2004

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Another word for shit, crap...

- slang
Teacher: back in the 1600's
Student: Shutup bitch i dont wanna hear your kwan
by Mikey March 04, 2005

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A hair rock band from California that could crank out a sound that would turn goat piss into gasoline from 1978 to 1985. During 1985, David Lee Roth, the lead singer, left the group on unhappy terms. His replacement, Sammy Hagar, made something as potent as Van Halen and pussified it so much that it wasn't even recognizable once the change took place.
Listen to "Hot For Teacher" from the "1984" album, then listen to "Why Can't This Be Love" from the "5150" album. "5150" is the rock equivelant of getting your girlfriend pregnant!
by Mikey July 30, 2005

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Another term used to describe someone having guts or courage to do something.

This usage of this word tends to stem from shallow uptight girls who try to be cute to make up for their lack of mature appearance.
That was a ballsie thing to do.
by Mikey September 01, 2004

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A homosexual bottom who leaves a mess after sex.
My friend nate is such a messy bottom.
by Mikey December 08, 2003

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any tatto of a specific purpose
i got a new ink across my chest check it out
by mikey April 06, 2005

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Mogly has got it goin on. He grew up in the jungles of Zimbabwe. He is known for many things, consisting of swinging from tree branches, his afro and his jungle call. At lunch he will sit wit all the guys, but near the end he will go into the bathroom and practice his jungle call because he still has hopes that he can return to Zimbabwe with this monkey mom and baloo.
Its a bird...its a bee...
Its mogly swinging from a tree!!!

Watch out for that...Tree!!!
by Mikey March 15, 2005

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