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A room where artists work, write, record songs and get high.
I'm back in the stu bitch! - XV
by B.P.O. September 05, 2011
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Stu is the name of a cocky bastard who has good reason to be cocky.
Girl "Stu why are you so cocky"
Stu "I am not cocky I am just confident"
Girl slides down Stu’s pants
Girl "Oh that’s why"
by Stu August 18, 2004
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Small Town Ugliness Syndrome (STUS) is the probability that people living in small towns are unattractive and is caused by a number of things such as inbred children and nuclear testing in the water supply.
"Dude, have you gone to Roswell, NM or Andover, KS?? Everyone has STUS..."
by BobbyLight13 July 11, 2010
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The place where boys grind there 2k myplayer
Boys I have been in the Stu all day let’s go drop boys off in the park
by Welitinthestu April 29, 2019
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