A secret codeword for condoms, used in times when the word condom is not suitable for use. Such as in the company.
John: Hey, you got the 'waterballoons'.
Matt: Oh yeah!
by Digital Native November 22, 2009
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when an uncircumsized male pulls the foreskin of his dick over his knob and starts to pee. the foreskin then inflates to a decent size (about a handful)thus resembling a waterballoon. although rare, this is single handedly the most disgusting and humerous thing ever created
"gebraldo decided to scare his girlfriend into thinking he had a terminal tumor located on the knob of his cock. So he whipped it out and waterballooned that shit"
by 2 Fresh June 15, 2008
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a condom found in the girls locker room in med high during pe...=
Would you like a waterballoon??
by audgee December 13, 2007
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While having a hot docking session, you have the other guy pee inside your penis and then undock, you then quickly pinch your foreskin in order to make your penis look like a waterballoon.
While Marcel and I were docked, Marcel had to pee, and he wanted to undock, so i said hey foob just waterballoon me.
by spiderlurk3r August 04, 2009
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When an uncircumcised man squeezes his foreskin over the tip of his penis and starts to urinate causing his closed foreskin to fill up like a water balloon
"Yo i got bored while I was pissing last night so I gave myself a Ukrainian waterballoon"
by Direngreyeduardo June 04, 2017
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1. gym / fitnes center user that sweats excessively from the posterior of their shorts to the point where it resembles the locale of a post-waterballoon fight.
Jeff's waterballoon-pantaloons were so extreme i was waiting for a raft full of Haitians to fall out of his shorts.
by wandasiewicz December 15, 2003
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VerbThe act of multiple persons ejaculating into a sock, and hurling it at another person/persons.

Noun A sock filled with human ejaculate intended for hurling at a person/persons.
Frederick: Dude, Can I borrow a sock?

Jimmy: What for?

Frederick: Me and the guys are gonna Venezuelan Waterballoon Theresa... That bitch

Jimmy: Why?

Frederick: She's just a bitch.

Jimmy: Use one of your own.

Frederick: I already used mine giving Kelli and Jamie Sacremento Sluggers.
by Drew Cavner October 09, 2007
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