1. A thought or expression used when you have an expectation that is crushed beyond misery.
2. Extreme disappointment.
3. Complete shock or surprise.

Related to strongbag/strong bad.
Guy spots really hot girl and decided to go for it. On his way he imagines how the score would be and thinks he has it locked in.

Guy: Hey good looking.
Girl: Get away, pig.
Guy to himself: --Right in the Face!--
by Yoyoma February 23, 2004
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The specific threat tied to the ensuing brawl that breaks out amongst Bostonians and non-Bostonians once Boston is trash-talked enough.
"...true, after all, he's from Boston."

"I will fight you. Right in the face."

"Too bad the actions never live up to the hype, stereotypical Boston, I'm a shakin' from your words!"

(A fight now breaks out)
by P. Revere May 4, 2009
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When you fuck up in front of drill sergeants, you move in the command of execution which is move enemy you're in the half right face you'll more than likely go into the front leaning rest position
*the whole platoon talking loud*
Drill sergeant: SHUT THE FUCK UP DELTA! You know what too easy, HALF RIGHT FACE!!! Front leaning rest position move!!
by Private.buddyfucker September 2, 2017
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You're in for a smoke session You know you fucked up when you hear this. Usually followed by "Front Leaning Rest Position, Move!" Or anoth
*The Company talking aloud and moving around in formation*

Drill Sergeant: DELTA COMPANY! Why are we talking and moving in the formation? Don't worry I'll fix it! Company ah-TENN-hutt! Half Right Face! Front Leaning Rest position, move! In Cadence!

Company: In Cadence!

Drill Sergeant: Exercise! One Two Three! One Two Three! One Two Three! ONE TWO THREE!
by Jack Bootlip December 6, 2021
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the command in most branches of the US Armed Forces usually precedes "front leaning rest position, move!"

for those uninitiated, the leaning rest is the formal name for push-up position.

so, this command is when you know you're fucked.
DS: Why were you late, Private?
PFC: Sergeant, I wa-
DS: NO EXCUSES, PRIVATE! (In command-calling voice:) HALF RIGHT, FACE!
PFC, MENTALLY: haha. I'm boned.
by GodtheUSMCFuckingSucks May 9, 2022
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