By golly, the british slang for oh my god, can also be used as by fuckin golly for omfg, used generally by irritiating english folk as a permanent prefix to any sentence coz almost everything is a shocker to them
Nick: Krunal remember the ongoing world cup fantasy
Krunal: yeah the one im topping at the moment (H)
Nick: No Krunal, check again ur at the bottom now
Krunal: BY GOLLY! WHAT! :O
by Lil Tazu January 8, 2012
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The substance made of many green and yellow mucus related juices which form a semi solid booger looking object. It may fly out or either the nose or mouth particularly into cereals at any given time.
Lachlan : (eating Nutri grain)

Leb: (coughs) Oh yuck Lachlan a GOLLY just flew into your cereal.

Lachlan : I’m not eating this anymore.
by BigPapi696969 September 16, 2019
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An expression of surprise, delight or shock used predominantly by landed gentry or complete nerds
"Golly I hope the weather is lovely for the steeplechase on Saturday"
by KImCobain February 11, 2015
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The sticky stuff that you bring up when you have to spit. Verb
Man, i gotta gollie, hang on, *spits*
by ozzyprideworldwide May 18, 2008
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An Australian colloquialism for hoiking/clearing your throat of nasal drippings (snot/phlegm) into a ball to enable you to spit it out (or swallow it back down if you so desire).
I have a bad headcold and I can feel the snotty, sticky phlegm sliding down the back of my throat. I couldn't swallow the phlegm without gagging, so instead I did a golly and spat it out.
by kiwiora August 7, 2011
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another way to life...also can be used as golly gee or golly gee wilickers....You're only cool if you say golly
Why cant skeletons play the organs?

Cuz they dont got any

"ooo golly thats funny"
"Golly gee im crackin up"
"oo golly gee wilickers"
by garemy string October 20, 2005
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