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niqui pronounced as nikki..
some people say nik-wi

niqui panikitagalog word pa "niki"

niqui is a weird person. a crazy person. a lazy person.
an intelligent a twisted way and a person. a person person person.
she is only a human so its okay if she makes mistakes.
niqui said your sooo dumboo.
by secretshush August 08, 2009
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A girl's name. Normally misunderstood. Appears to be hyper and talkative, is still quite talkative, but is actually a serious type of person when alone. Is talented, but is afraid to show. Usually likes pop music, but also likes some Jazz. The most loyal friend you can ever be lucky enough to find. Loves her friends more than anything else.
Friend 1: My boyfriend broke up with me yesterday.
Friend 2: Oh my god, really? I bet Niqui will be happy to hear. That slut has been crushing on him for ages now.
Friend 1: Not even close, Niqui was near me when he broke up and she listened to everything I had to say. She even told me that she liked that rat bastard, but she'd give up on someone like that.
Friend 2: Seriously?? Oh my god, I never knew that. I always that she was a tramp who was trying to flirt with your man.
Friend 1: Niqui would never do that.
by belieber#007 February 22, 2012
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Niqui means queen of the house aka your mom
I asked my niqui if I could go to the movies on Saturday but she refused because I had yet to do my homework
by Nosno April 24, 2018
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