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An elusive animal that comes in many shapes and sizes. The rare hooded trouser snake is more aware of its environment, but this snake likes to collect cheesy matter and keep it in its hood. Each snake carries a venom sack that produces a white venom when it reaches maturity. The snake's one eye also functions as its mouth and waste removal system. The snake does not like cold weather and will shrink in cold conditions. It thrives in warm conditions, such as the many burrows it spits into in order to mark its territory. When touched, the snake will swell up to twice its original size in order to frighten off predators.
Crikey! That trouser snake just attacked that hooker! It spit its venom all over her face. That has to be one of the most dangerous snakes in the world!
by Dub P July 30, 2005
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The "erectus trouserous" or otherwise commonly referred to as "trouser snake" is the worlds MOST dangerous snake. It is fang less, the average length is 5-6 inches, although some are said to reach 8 inches. Colors vary from pink to black. It usually attacks women in the mouth or lower abdominal area. Its highly venomous spit can cause swelling that lasts about 9 months. Some species area also known to attack men from behind.
I went to a party last night and walked in to a room where a girl was being attacked by a trouser snake!
by Unknown_User1 April 04, 2010
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The Trouser Snake is the most feared yet desired animal in the Animal Kingdom. When threatened, the normally docile and relaxed trouser snake tenses up into an erect position in order to increase its size to scare off an attacker. However, if this show of size and ferocity doesn't provoke fear its attacker, the Trouser Snake has been known to use its body to viciously ram the opponent repeatedly until it is driven away. Even more astounding, if the trouser snake can't frighten off an attacker with its body, it has been known to spit a white, gooey substance into an opponent's face, usually aiming for the eyes or oral region. His substance has been shown to induce either two reactions - uncontrollable gagging and blindness, or curiously enough, intense sensations of pleasure and satisfaction. This act has been linked to provocations from surprise, physical stimulation, and also in displays of sexual prowess for its partner or potential mate.
Candy surprised a sleeping Trouser Snake by grabbing it around the neck - in response, the Trouser snake stood up and spit a mouthful of white goo onto her chest.
by MightyTightyWhities July 29, 2009
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the best word ever used for reffering to a penis!
person 1:you touched his trouser snake?!

person 2:i just coudln't help muh-self!>.<
by amandasaurous May 12, 2009
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Noun. An alternative slang for a penis. The snake refering to the length and size of it and the trousers meaning that it is found, on many occasion in trousers. Pronounced trou-zer-sneyk.
Jonny: Ew! what a bad time for Arnold to have some viagra - in the middle of a conferance.
Matty: Doesn't seem to make a difference?
Jonny: Meh, suppose your right? But that is one weird trousersnake!
by Jonny Clarke October 01, 2008
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