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some shrub Africans get high off
let's chew some qat and play Scrabble
by me September 07, 2003

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A Southern and Midwestern slang word used to express excitement or distainment without using profanity.
That was fricking great (excitement)
That was fricking sick (distainment)
by me June 21, 2004

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The government, the police, or any other unconquerable authority figure.
Kobe aint guilty, he's just a victim of the system.

It's the system...they be out to get us black people.
by Me February 28, 2004

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One's sex slave, bitch, etc
ie someone's bitch in prison
by me November 22, 2002

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an exclamation to be used when finished wtih something
"i'm donezo! no more for me."
by me December 15, 2004

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great 60's band. their songs are really catchy, too.
beatles songs: love me do, lucy in the sky with diamonds, eleanor rigby, yesterday, hey jude, and LOTS more.
by me June 08, 2004

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when a girl is fucked fo the first time and he r cherry is "popped"
by me May 09, 2003

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