A form of something put in a mason jar.
See "Mason Jar"
John:OMG yesterday i put masonry in my mason jar!
Jill: OMG me too!
John: wtf? wats mason jar?
Jill: Go look it up u asshole wtf do i look like? a whore?
by Me November 20, 2004
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So called for the tendency among sexually uninspired women to lay supine and motionless during intercourse. The term modifies the well-known term missionary position with the girl's brick-like demeanor.
The girl I took home last night was rubbish in the sack. The only sex she knew was masonry position--she laid like a fucking brick.
by Dweebston February 05, 2011
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Where she lays there like a brick.
I was doing her masonry style, and she didn't move or make a sound once.
by arv907 January 26, 2011
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The craft of rolling and/or repairing blunts.
The blunt masonry displayed in the well crafted blunt was exquisite
by Edgar Allan Dro May 15, 2017
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