Noun: A person who is grumpy, intolerant and slightly racist. Often uses racial and ethnic slurs when talking to or about other people, in a derogatory and affectionate way.

Very abrasive.

Will make absurd comments just for the hell of it.
"My dad is such a Clint Eastood. He keeps calling the Asian family next door gooks and keeps calling the homeless guy on the corner a no good freeloading son of a bitch."

"He won. Get over it and quit being such a Clint Eastwood."
by MrDude1986 January 24, 2013
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Along with being an amazing actor, he's also a Libertarian.
"I mean, I've always been a Libertarian. Leave everybody alone. Let everybody else do what they want. Just stay out of everybody else's hair." - Clint Eastwood
by Dancing with Fire January 4, 2013
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To call someone or something Clint Eastwood is the greatest compliment anyone can get.
"Wow, that was Clint Eastwood, you punting those terminally ill kids off a bridge."
by Urban Dictionary January 16, 2006
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While having sex, you stop and say to the woman; "You have to ask yourself one question. 'Do i feel lucky?'" Then you proceed to bust a load on the woman, either blinding or straight up killing her, then bend forward and blow the extra semen off your weiner like smoke out of the barrel of a pistol. Then walk slowly off into the sunset.
There has only been one recorded case of someone administering a Clint Eastwood. It was Clint Eastwood himself. He was good, she was bad, and it was ugly.
by Crazy Samost January 21, 2009
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Epitome of cool in the acting world. This dude started out cool and nearly froze being so cool! Clint has spoken some of - if not THE - coolest lines in movie history. Clint Eastwood movies are a must watch for all men and cool women to boot! The example section will remind Clint fans of some of his best lines as well as introduce any idiots - who don't know who he is - to this phenom.
A FEW Clint Eastwood lines from various movies, quotes may not be EXACT but are close, There are likely a hundred more!
"Go ahead....make my day!"
"Uh..Uh.....I know what your thinking...did he shoot six shots...or only five. Well come to think of it - in all this confusion - I kinda lost track my self.....Now, seein' as this is a '44 Magnum...the most powerful handgun in the world...and capable of blowing your gotta ask yourself just one question....'Do I feel lucky?'....Well do ya PUNK!"
"Now ya mule don't take too kindly to bein' laughed at!"
Clint: "Now, we don't want anyone to get why don't you boys put those guns away."
Bad Guy: "Who's WEee sucka'?"
Clint: "Smith...and Wesson....and Me...."
Inspector in charge - yelling in Eastwood's face- : "You're a dinosaur Callahan, your ways are old...and obsolete....I want a statement on my desk..first thing in the morning..or you're you hear me Callahan..FIRED!!!!!
Clint (as Dirty Harry Callahan): "I've got a statement for you're mouthwash aint makin' it!"
by psiscott April 9, 2006
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The successor to the throne of John Wayne. This ese here can kill your arse 11 times before you hit the ground, all the while playing texas hold'em.
Clint Eastwood is the undisputed king of western movies, right after John Wayne.
by Not Zane September 10, 2004
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A: Wow! Chuck Norris is great!

B: (to crowd) Don't mind him, he never watched Clint Eastwood movie.

C: They say that he has 11 tigers power.
by El Habibi June 9, 2013
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