264 definitions by max

a cuddy is a camero, often an older model
yo, that '69 cuddy is hot
by max February 22, 2005
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a type of music with fast drum beats and loud guitar solos.
Some of Rammstein's songs are industrial metal.
by Max September 15, 2003
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Shpadoinkle is an interjection used by burley construction workers and japanese physisists alike! Similar to donkeywaffle. If you say 'Shpadoinkle,' you can be cool too!
Holy shpadoinkle! My scrotum just imploded!

I'm doing just spadoinkle, you?
by mAx May 03, 2004
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nassers bitch(sister)
nasser:i love my sister dina, shes my toy
by max November 13, 2003
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faggots who think they are awesome because they hate 'jocks'. These people tend to be insecure and afraid of people who are more popular than them. They have a passionate dislike for 'sporty people', yet usually skate themselves. Their hobbies are listening to shite music, spending unfathomable amounts of time on msn, and talking about skating.
"Fuckin bunch of jocks" (when they see people who are marginaly cooler than they are, but cant accept it.
by max April 22, 2005
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A messege often found when downloading music in a program called KaZaA
man 1:man, this song had been queued for such a long time!
man 2: stop using kazaa and use Ares
by max April 20, 2005
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Sexual act performed by Chuck Norris on a platypus.
Stop fuckin' platypuses Chuck Norris!
by Max February 25, 2005
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