Hey, do you want to pull a Suess on the teacher with me?
by Susie Wallace October 31, 2007
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someone who thinks outside the box. A suess doesn't ever regret anything they do so they are never imbarassed witch meens they have no limits.

comes from Dr. Suess
"wow that guys as fly as a G6"

"Ya he is a reall suess"
by Jump start March 20, 2012
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Someone's attempt at spelling the famous author's name, Dr. Seuss.
Jacklnte: Hey, you like Dr. Suess?
Meghed: No, but I do love Dr. Seuss.
by Kwalazin September 6, 2009
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Dr Suess is...
an american man
who writes books with one hand
and can make anything
ryhme with a ting!
the cat in the hat, green eggs and ham, both of which by dr suess
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All these rappers trying to look good, and Dr Suess is over there going, "Bitch please".
by Sweeyo October 25, 2015
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What society thinks he was: A beloved children's author

What he really was: A fucking asshole who disliked children and drove his wife to suicide when she became very sick with cancer.
Here's to Dr. Suess: An author, and a sociopath.
by Someone who kinda exists August 11, 2021
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feigned slip of the tongue, used to introduce people with doctorates who you, personally, don't rate.
Harvey: Norman, I'd like you to meet my esteemed colleague, Dr. Suess - I mean - Dr. Losifer.

Norman: I'm sure it's a pleasure to meet you Dr. Losifer.

Dr. Losifer: Norman, any friend of whatshisname is -. Anyway Norman, just call me Phil. How do YOU spell Dr. Seuss?
by Guru Voodoo October 17, 2010
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