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Slang for the most popular type of hallucinogenic mushroom, Psilocybe Cubensis which contains Psylocibin as the active ingredient which makes one trip.
"I'm planning on buying ten grams of cubes for the weekend."
by SweeperOfDreams April 23, 2004
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A fake four walled "office." Often a cube is shared with other "cubemates" in the workplace.
The actors in OfficeSpace shared a cube.
by MoleDeMesa October 02, 2003
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A 30-pack of any kind of beer; 2 layers of 15 cans; The ultimate royal badass lets get fucked up case of beer available in most retail stores...yea
dude we only drank half that cube last night....fuck
by Jeremy Pearce March 29, 2004
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A group/demographic of people. Cubes usually have very limited intelligence, and must therefore travel in groups to substantiate the few brain cells they have. Cubes are sometimes uncharacteristically polite, but are sometimes thought to be mentally unstable, which could prompt this behaviour.
Cubes often use the term 'wheels'. Cubes try to 'wheel' other women, especially those from foreign countries who do not speak English, and are already married.

Cubes receive a thrill from any activity that is not intellectually stimulating, see: fart, burp, yawn, yell, do stupid things
Cubes, however, have a special spot of kindness in their hearts for driving instructors, although, this is likely a survival technique, as they would not be able to pass a course without otherwise brown-nosing.
Did you see that cube? Wheelin' as always

How can cubes even brush their teeth, let alone drive a motor vehicle?
by AMA1234 February 15, 2013
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A supernerd.
One who is as lame as six squares.
A person so uncool, he's hot.
{Joe is such a square.}
<He's beyond a square; he's a cube>
by 2014_chiguy October 15, 2006
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A kick arse movie about a group of people trapped in a maze of cubic rooms. Some rooms are safe but if you step in the wrong one you get sliced into chunks by a wire screen or have your face melted in acid. The only clue they have to what it all means is some numbers on the doorspaces.

But it's not a shitty teenage horror movie like Saw where someone dies every 2 seconds and there's no plot. The film is actually pretty clever and if you want an original film, Cube is what you're looking for.
Don't say Cube is bad because it was shot in 1 room. The room changes colours and it actually feels like there's a lot more than there actually is. Look at the original Star Wars series. It was only set on 7 planets, but it felt like a lot more, and that was a great series, just like the original Cube.

But DON'T see the sequels. They suck.

by Sean of the Alive November 02, 2007
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From the "cube" in psilocybe cubensis. Slang name for this kind of shroom.
I hate 1/8oz of cubes yesterday and I tripped balls!
by QuartzRox March 01, 2004
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