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Akbar is a powerful and majestic individual. He enchanting and picturesque characteristics will charm you. Akbar's intellegent notions have not only brought peace to huamanity, but have facilitated many oppotunities for others around the world. Not? Hes a slut you can't get his hands off gurls. Slap him a few times and hell bark.
Akbar is a snackbar, because he will eat until the cows come home.
by max March 12, 2005

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An expression used by seamen when they visit prostitutes in a port and a prostitute doesn't charge one of them because "she liked it." The lucky stiff then brags, "I had a sympatico" and his friends echo enviously, "He had a sympatico."
See definition.
by Max December 06, 2003

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The biggest faggiest wop alive, straight from italy. The smarts of a 9 year old boy.
wow you're so dumb, u pulled a YaYa
by Max August 17, 2003

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Krystopher DeSimone. he truly is a prick ass ho bitch. basically a white boy kracka posin as a brotha of colla.
Krystopher DeSimone.
by max March 07, 2005

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A horrible and inneficient way to communicate with people in the world.
My email inbox was filled with tons of spam and porn.
by Max April 11, 2004

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A product used for penis enlargement.
I went to the store to buy Maximus so I could impress my girlfriend in the sack
by max March 29, 2004

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a stupid person ie:dumbass
Kaneen is such a doodie.
by Max November 27, 2002

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