Usually when a guy or girl loves a girl, they say: "I love her."
Omg, she was so nice to me, I love her!
by muffinmoments December 14, 2016
A phrase one uses when complimenting a female’s (usually a celebrity’s) boobies
“Did you see these promo photos of Anya Taylor-Joy in Emma? I love her necklace
by bowiepinups November 18, 2020
So basically when your in love with a person named Anna and you can't wait to marry her and cuddle her
Friend: "how is your girlfriend"
by KillSwitchTheFirst April 28, 2021
It basically means, " I love to fuck her"
Girl:He striked me last night. It was SOOOO good!

Boy:I LOVE to strike her
by Qwertyz December 21, 2013
A phrase used when someone do something that it's supposed to be edgy or quirky but it's actually not.
A: Dina stood onto the table
B: She's so crazy, I love her!
by washaasha January 22, 2023