51 definitions by matty

a pregnant carp, or small goldfish.
that fish is a dude, its about to give birth
by matty June 24, 2005
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ugly, stupid, cock sucker
Dude that guys mutelabs!!
by Matty February 06, 2005
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to chastise with the upmost of force
my tea was cold so i brayed my bird til she gipped
by Matty November 28, 2004
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the coolest method of transport
my ped is fat
by matty November 20, 2003
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to go somewhere. e.g home
"Oi bois! Let's chip ennit"
"You gonna chip tescos?"
by matty March 16, 2005
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ANything you want it to mean preferably fuck or to light up a BOWL
kunk me kunk you kunk kunk kunk
by MATTY December 17, 2004
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My cousin who speaks funny and has an evil little brother and like to go shopping.....
You're so Nadicky!
by Matty January 21, 2004
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