Snigger - Shifty Nigger

One who wins a competition or becomes lucky by means of being "shifty", sneaky, or clever. Does not always require blackness.
George was a snigger by bluffing his poker hand.
McCain was being a snigger by using Sarah Palin to get Hillary's women voters.
by Sniggers4all October 20, 2008
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A gang that operates in eastern wisconsin in Stockbridge Wi and Appleton Wi, the gang is ran by Tyrese or Ty for short. The gang is related to many crime that are commited in the area. Crimes like Auto break-ins, Graffiti, Theft, and Vandalism. This is the only known gang that operates in Stockbridge Wi. The headquarters are in stockbridge wisconsin under the code name "Mary St" probrobly because this is the street that the headquarters building is on. The gang is based about brotherhood and love, "sticking together" not leaving one behind, Their slogan being "Makin' That Paper".
Did you hear about those sniggers? They broke into my car...
by whiteboy28 October 20, 2013
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