50 definitions by matty

1.Someone who greases up to the boss and acts like he is the bosses best friend in order to get a promotion.

.1a People who would lick the bosses ass in order too get a promotion

Sameer brown noses the boss when he's around but does practically nothing when hes gone
by matty September 23, 2003
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to chastise with the upmost of force
my tea was cold so i brayed my bird til she gipped
by matty November 29, 2004
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If it wasn't for Mud Ducks the only hockey in North America would be played by our stellar neighbors from Canada.
by matty October 30, 2003
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A way to describe a person that makes you feel warm on the inside. Generally someone who is both attractive and curteous at the same time.
My friend is so melty it makes people jealous.
by matty March 2, 2004
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means dont ask your neighbour for suggestions on baby names cause the probably cant spell
hey what should i call my kid - call him piyuash
by matty November 4, 2003
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A boss who bases his decisions and approach to people solely on his MBA course.
Tortescu's tidy Friday lost us two laptops and he says that's what's supposed to happen
by matty February 7, 2005
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