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false, or immitation...

to pretend.
faux fur...immitation animal fur clothing

faux-pas....a comment made in conversation that reveals to others that you are either stupid or have no idea what your talking about on a particular subject
by matty June 25, 2005
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its where you smash somebody in the leg really hard and there leg goes like numb, and they have trouble moving it because you just smashed it.
Dooge: man just shuts aop!
Matt: DEAD LEG!!!(smash)
Dooge: ow man shits!
by matty November 7, 2004
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a pregnant carp, or small goldfish.
that fish is a dude, its about to give birth
by matty June 25, 2005
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(Noun) Dormroom-style foamy cushion chair that flips out into a bed.
Kyle and I couldn't find an empty bed, luckily there was an unused "flip n fuck" upstairs.
by matty January 19, 2004
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