A huge debate over something that alot of people do/don't agree on. I don't know if you can even call it a "debate", more like a massive argument.
The da vinci code movie as well as the book have caused controversy.
by Adrian June 20, 2006
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Fox News ayyyyyyyyyy
Did you hear about all of the controversy that article caused?
by Lerky_ March 17, 2017
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Adjective. A statement or general idea inciting or actively provoking argument between the arrogant and the idiotic; one of those few instances in which the arrogant have the ability to take the moral high ground.

...Though not often.
Bob: I'm a Satan-worshipping, homosexual, cross-dressing Barbara Streisand impersonator who lives in a Republican state.
Dave: Wow. How controversial.
by Brian the Goldfish March 14, 2005
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1. Tending to provoke or cause controversy by its nature.

2. A cliche the media use to add intrigue or entertainment value to a cultural manifestation or event that is singularly lacking in zest or inherent fascination.

3. Proceeding from 2., sometimes a semiotic code word used by the media to indicate osentible deviance, such as being homosexual or homosexuality, implying (perhaps unwittingly) that the event or person(s) at hand have a lurid background by definition.
1. "It seems that abortion is controversial no matter what a person says about it."

2. "Today we're going to interview Dr. Judah Wellness, whose new book THINK YOURSELF THINNER has become quite controversial."

3. "The TV color commentators keep calling that figure-skater controversial, but where's the controversy? He himself is quite open about being gay and doesn't seem to have a problem with it. I mean, everyone he knows, knows that he's gay."


"I agree, the use of "controversial" just seems a way to add spice; especially since coming out of the closet hasn't hurt him or his career. What is so sad is that so often, the media people are usually very au courant and sophisticated, and know darn well when they are using that tag in a hypocritical way."
by al-in-chgo February 21, 2010
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A word that people who are too scared/polite/reserved to voice their own opinion use to describe those who don't give a crap and are bold enough to speak their mind.
This Urban Dictionary definition of controversial is rather controversial, as it directly criticises people who accuse other people of being controversial.
by Captain Capable October 6, 2012
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causing an outraged response
controversial radio and tv it the best kind
by yimmy May 8, 2004
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When salad cream becomes the choice over mayonnaise
Fred: Whats thet you got, tuna mayonnaise?
Sid: No mate, tuna and salad cream
Fred: Controversial!!!!
by Interplay August 7, 2006
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