Contrary to what you might think, there actually is an origin to this clothing company's name. A billabong is an Australian name for a dead-end channel, or a stagnant pool.
I went swimming in the billabong today mate.
by zanny May 28, 2004
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The hostel was hell. It was full of backpacking billabongs. All they talked about was outdoor sports and "pardaying".
by LaQueshie April 6, 2007
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Yes, Billabong is an Australian surf brand stolen by Americans. the origin is sometimes referred to a river in Australia. The Americanized origin refers to the stereotypical pothead surfers. Urban myth is Billabong used to be Build-A-Bong but it soon changed.
Dude, that Billabong shirt is tight. Let's go smoke a bong while we're at it.
by ModernxSwinger October 12, 2006
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Prestigious aussie surf brand... adored by the teenage population... sells products at RIDICULOUS prices... but dumbass brainwashed kids buy them anyway to be 'cool'... pretty damn pathetic.
Ally: Hey, i just bought this hair-tye from Billabong for just $200! i look SO totally cool! (flicks her blonde hair)

Jess: (omg. what a total idiot!) uhhhh.. no comment.
by grisella May 15, 2004
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ana brand of clothes that you pay everything for a million dollars and it sucks cock.
its made by slaves, cost to much and generally just looks crap
oh look at this lovely billabong shirt it looks like crap!
by Cyna December 16, 2004
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A branch of a river or a still backwater or pond, and often one that may noticably dry up in the dry season.
by drl May 23, 2003
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