A person who stirs up controversy. Typically by revealing the truth that has been covered up by a person or group.
Michael Moore can be considered the Nation's muckraker with the way he has exposed corporate America to be greedy and corrupt.
by Matty January 9, 2004
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the maid that has to clean up a couple's cum on the bed in a motel or hotel after they have just had sex.
woman: oh yeah baby
man: u like that baby?
woman: oh yeah
man: oh im about to cum im about to cum!
woman: that's a lot of cum!
man: sure feel sorry for the muckraker that has to clean that up tomorow
by sexybitch1992 May 29, 2012
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The act of a male mucking out the dingle berries and other greasy extremities from a females anus in preparation for anal sex.
“Last night I gave Susan a Missouri Muckraker before plastering her hole.”
by Greasygreaser May 4, 2020
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