An exclamation or oath, often obscene.
Although we could not understand thier language, we knew that they we uttering angry expletive at us.
by Phil Jenkins November 7, 2006
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pronounced ex-'pleet

verb - to use expletives

He was so upset at work for being plutoed, all he could do was explete.

Everyone thought she had Tourettes Syndrome, but she was just expleting profusely.
by Chrysie January 9, 2007
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Usually a single curse word or indecency during a live TV or radio broadcast. It's the media's version of the "F-Bomb", used by the FCC in assessing fines against broadcasters.
Joe Biden's comment on Health Care Reform after introducing the President ("'s fucking important...") was a Fleeting Expletive.

Janet Jackson's wardrobe malfunction in the half-time show of Super Bowl XXXVIII was a visual Fleeting Expletive.
by Doktari July 15, 2010
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Allowing, encouraging, and not penalizing anyone for using, in a private or public meeting, words considered to be "dirty" or "bad", such "shit" and "fuck".
The posters inviting people to a conference announced that at the conference everyone would be encouraged to use expletives. At the conference, when the conference's participants began using expletives most people were shocked.

However, using them everyone was able to define and comprehend and analyze the problem better, and propose better solutions than if no one had expressed themselves without using expletives.
After the meeting, the participants laughed and began talking among themselves using expletives such as "shit," "bullshit," "fuck," and its many derivatives.

The most common way expletives are destigmatized is by allowing and encouraging people to in private or public meetings use words which are considered "dirty" or "bad", such "shit" and "fuck".

In what events would it be best to allow people to use of expletives, and to achieve what?
The First Amendment is "also" about the right to be despicable, or to be anything.
Expletive Destigmatization means allowing, encouraging, and not penalizing anyone for using, in a private or public meeting, words considered to be "dirty" or "bad", such "shit" and "fuck".
by but for October 31, 2019
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Another way of saying the word shit.
Get your scatagorical expletive together.
by KarissaGrey February 7, 2014
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In the Bible (apparently) it says somewhere "Thou Shalt Not Swear" Latter day Christians have discovered a small foot note to this verse that adds "... using commonly accepted swear words".

Thus the Improvised Expletive Device (IED) was born, replacing commonly accepted swear words with any other word - thus not swearing!
"Oh (can't say f$*K so insert Improvised Expletive Device) Folly - I've just hit my hand with a hammer"

"Jeepers - that was close!"

"Oh Shucks - I wanted to say that"
by Tra_j_d September 30, 2009
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