expressing denial or refusal; saying "no"
by Mandy March 28, 2005
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one who continously views all subjects in a negative way on a dialy basis.
someone who is watching a football game with you and thinks everything and everybody in the game sucks and chooses to voice his opinion every other second would be considered a negatron.
by eric alexander de la cruz August 19, 2006
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Used in order to shut any dumbass up, or your a fuckin idiot.
That's a negatron, biyatch!
by Pat Heil October 25, 2003
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the epitome of awesome, the keeper of hip hop secrets, eazy-e in a white body, king of bad ass-ness, and putting losers in place. negatron is also commonly known as 'the black transformer', due to the reference in his name to how eazy-e and other members of the notorious gang NWA say 'nigga!'.
negatron is in motion!


common phrases used by negatron the great:
'neganeganeganeganeganega puhleeze'
'why do I call myself a nega so quick? 'cause i can reach in my draws and pull out a bigger dick'
by negatron™ June 22, 2005
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expressing or containing negation or denial, but only used by bad ass mother fuckers.
GIRL: Do you want to go to the ballet with me?
BAMF: Uh..Negatronic.
by Adam & Megan March 15, 2008
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Meaning "no", it is only expressed in a strict and robotic manner-a mix between Megatron, the transformer, and the word negative.
"Hey Optimus Prime, are we going to movies today"?

by Izzeee August 29, 2011
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