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expressing denial or refusal; saying "no"
by Mandy March 28, 2005
Code for neo-nazi indiviuals to say "Hail Hitler". 8 refers to the letter H, the 8th letter in the alphabet. HH = Hail Hitler.
by Mandy February 16, 2003
kk Im 14 yrs old and i dont go any of the shit... i have about 40 on each arm...when i guy breaks it i tell the to **** off and get a life the ones that mean hug or sumthin i dont care but the rest hell ya! here are the meaning at my school'
red:make out
Blue:lap dance
Pink:oral sex
Green:eating out
glow in the dark: use of sex toys
orange:doggy style
purple: tittysex
white/clear:anything they want

The rest i forget!! it will all be over soon and a new fad will be in
by Mandy November 26, 2004
(A)Someone who has a balance between an indie and an emo.
(B)A Homogenous blend of: A tree loving, beaded bracelet acoustic rocker and chuck taylor hightops, hooded black sweetshirt, dyed side bangs emotional high-pitched singer
(C) a really awesome band
Bohemians also known as "BoHo's"
by Mandy January 30, 2005
A amazing singer with a fabulous voice. he's also a really awesome song writer. his best album is "Poses" followed closly by "Want I" a real cute guy with awesome sideburns but unfortunatly for me an all girls alike, he's very gay.
gosh i wish Rufus Wainwright wasn't so gay, then i'd do him while he sang "Instant pleasure" to me.
by Mandy January 1, 2005
yu-ins goin over to mom'n'ems?
by Mandy April 20, 2003
A mean, snobbish or spiteful remark. Usually used to describe an insult or a haughty statement.
by Mandy March 30, 2003