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Hanzel: Hey bro wat you hittin up tonight?
Snow White: Oh just sum Ardi
by Mandy April 17, 2005
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pretty much the most awesome Australian band ever. yes, ever better than russel crowes shitty band, as if that was a hard feat. anyway, they rock the Casbah. their self-titled debut is a fantastic go at power pop rock music. the lead singer's voice is a force to be reckoned with.
With catchy tunes like "She's Love" "O Yeah" and "THe Game" the band's popularity is sure to catch fire in the U.S sooner than later.
M: I really like End Of Fashion's Album
A: really?
M: yep
by Mandy May 05, 2006
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Having that special ‘IT’ factor. Icon or superstar qualities. An underground word used in trendy circles
Madonna has Ereamo. She’s proved it by dominating the charts for over 20 years
by Mandy March 25, 2005
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Code for neo-nazi indiviuals to say "Hail Hitler". 8 refers to the letter H, the 8th letter in the alphabet. HH = Hail Hitler.
by Mandy February 15, 2003
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A silly person; an affectionate derogative used to describe childish or dork like behavior.
Jimmy is such a corn nut! He always steals my buttons during Chemistry.
by Mandy October 02, 2003
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