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the founding publisher of Playboy and booster of the sexual revolution
The smartest thing Hugh Hefner did was establishing his image as an urbane sophisticate who got all the chics. Imagine how much less successful he would have been if he instead depicted himself as a solitary masturbator.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004

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How to show that you really love her
When you're stalking, a restraining order is just another way of saying "I love you too."
by mandingoh April 06, 2006

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Exposed skin on the "down under" side of the breast such as under an extremely short crop top.
The cheerleaders had super hot outfits that flashed Australian cleavage whenever they shook their pompoms over their heads.
by mandingoh May 26, 2006

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1. burned rubber marks left by tires peeling out

2. the thin brown line in your undies, especially tightie-whities, caused by insufficient wiping
Your skid marks and itchy butt don't just happen kids. You need to wipe better. Don't wipe your heiny with your underpants!
by Mandingoh November 29, 2004

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Phonetic spelling of mulignane - Italian for eggplant. Also moolie. Racial insult toward blacks.
But if I call myself a nigger what the fuck is that? (yeah, you know)
Don't be the coolie or the moolie or a boob with the jigger
Don't be the one... don't be the nigga
- Ice Cube from "Kill My Landlord"
by mandingoh April 18, 2005

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Pursuing this course may cause fisticuffs to follow (on your ass).
Do that again and I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on you!
by mandingoh December 10, 2004

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Bumbershoot sounds too affected.
I'd been needing a larger brolly for months, since our others had all fallen apart, as umbrellas, especially cheap ones, often do. When I saw that one in the lost and found I was all over it faster than Marion Jones on steroids.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004

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