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a quick treatment for mental disorders that gets right to the point
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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Phonetic spelling of mulignane - Italian for eggplant. Also moolie. Racial insult toward blacks.
But if I call myself a nigger what the fuck is that? (yeah, you know)
Don't be the coolie or the moolie or a boob with the jigger
Don't be the one... don't be the nigga
- Ice Cube from "Kill My Landlord"
by mandingoh April 18, 2005
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We'll be driving straight through, so now's your last chance to mug up.
by mandingoh May 5, 2005
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Wonder what Clarence Thomas does about keeping it real? That'd be pretty funny.......Yo.
by mandingoh November 20, 2005
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I'd been needing a larger brolly for months, since our others had all fallen apart, as umbrellas, especially cheap ones, often do. When I saw that one in the lost and found I was all over it faster than Marion Jones on steroids.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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Exposed skin on the "down under" side of the breast such as under an extremely short crop top.
The cheerleaders had super hot outfits that flashed Australian cleavage whenever they shook their pompoms over their heads.
by mandingoh May 26, 2006
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Pursuing this course may cause fisticuffs to follow (on your ass).
Do that again and I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on you!
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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