14 definitions by mandingoh

hip-hop slang that describes music made for the boomin' systems in jeeps
Mad Lion leads the pack of straight-up raggamuffin youth dropping the raw vibes over ill jeep beats.
by mandingoh December 20, 2005
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a quick treatment for mental disorders that gets right to the point
I'd rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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1. Not knowing where or when to stop.

2. In computer programming, an algorithm with incorrect termination conditions that leads to over repetition

From the story of the kid who said, "I know how to spell 'banana,' I just don't know when to stop."
Examples: The 23rd cup holder in an SUV or software bloated from unneccessary bells and whistles.
by mandingoh June 2, 2005
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We'll be driving straight through, so now's your last chance to mug up.
by mandingoh May 5, 2005
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the founding publisher of Playboy and booster of the sexual revolution
The smartest thing Hugh Hefner did was establishing his image as an urbane sophisticate who got all the chics. Imagine how much less successful he would have been if he instead depicted himself as a solitary masturbator.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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How to show that you really love her
When you're stalking, a restraining order is just another way of saying "I love you too."
by mandingoh April 7, 2006
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Pursuing this course may cause fisticuffs to follow (on your ass).
Do that again and I'm gonna open up a can of whoop-ass on you!
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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