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Fisticuffs are a favourite pastime for the Victorian Gentleman, as well as a way to sort out minor scuffles and souffles. Unlike modern boxers, the Victorian Gentlemen were not layabouts nor lollygaggers; they required neither padding nor special equipment. Bare knuckle fighting was the order of the day, and some experts believe it was the special of the day. This mano-a-mano competition could continue for anything up to 45 days, both combatants circling each other slowly, weighing up the strengths and weakenesses of their opponent and smoking fine cigars. During fisticuffs, the jacket is always taken off, braces are unhooked from the shoulder and sleeves are rolled up.
Victorian Gentleman 1: Right-O Charles, did you see Johnathan over there challenge the Duke of York to throw down in fisticuffs?

Victorian Gentleman 2: Dear Lord, I daresay this could turn out to be a proper flogging! That pompus French bastard needs a good lashing

Victorian Gentleman 1: Right-O Charles! Right-O!
by Andrew KC January 01, 2006
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To get in a fist fight. Bare knuckled fighting. At times said light heartedly. No weapons are used,

only your fists . An old fashion school yard scuffle
Magnús and Jóhann got into fisticuffs over who would be able to sit next Juanita.
The two longtime friends got into fisticuffs. Frankie growled to his buddy Seth ,"Put your dukes up! "I'm tired of your namby-pamby attitude and I'm about to knock some fire back into you."
by Yankeedoodle76 July 28, 2019
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Blows or cuffs with one's fist; a street fight.
Jack is down at the bar dealing out some fisticuffs to those bastards.
by yargh September 28, 2004
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Fisticuffs - extreme robot fighting event where 2 robots enter and one leaves. In Futurama episode 02X08 Raging bender, Bender is challenged to fisticuffs by the mask unit.
I challenge you to fisitcuffs!
by student at ucsb July 14, 2005
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