I'd been needing a larger brolly for months, since our others had all fallen apart, as umbrellas, especially cheap ones, often do. When I saw that one in the lost and found I was all over it faster than Marion Jones on steroids.
by mandingoh December 10, 2004
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To get a cool clip in a game.
Person 1: Hey bro, that was a cool clip.
Person 2: Thanks, I hit the brolly pretty hard there.
by f_lcon December 17, 2020
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means something is insane.....insanely bad, insanely shit, insanely refined, insanely good, insanely quality, insanely hot, insanely amazing.
1. Oi check out dem shoes!

yea mate they are brolly tings!

2. dat bitch is crazy as!

aint it...she's brolly as!

3. ru up for a mad one!

yea mate dat sounds brolly!
by playerjs September 19, 2009
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to get mean ,crazy, violent or ,irrational
dude got in my face so i had to get brolly
by warren lestat June 25, 2011
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a defensive instrument implemented by men to ward off falling groups of H2O; also known as an "umbrella"
I could tell it was raining.
Hence I whipped out my brolli and said to hell with those droplets wetting my face!
by It's_Rainin' March 10, 2009
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1. A device for protection from the weather consisting of a collapsible, usually circular canopy mounted on a central rod.
2. A shortened, more hip name for an umbrella
"it's raining in sheets! make sure to grab your brollie!"
by Skye Winters January 6, 2006
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